Link audit tool

Up to 25x faster than any previous audit system

Suddenly link audits are quick, simple and fun to do

Stop manually looking through domain lists in spreadsheets

Gone are the days when you needed to manually review links and domains. The Opphive link auditor allows you to race through thousands of domains either solo or as a team, faster than ever before.
Fast, accurate and friendly to use
Keep all the audit together in one place
Streamline the audit and reporting process

Use your keyboard to review domains in your browser

Simple keypresses allow you to make decisions on each domain, you can tag each domain with up to 4 tags. 

Add notation to help explain decisions and improve reporting.

Isolate the domains you want to highlight in your reporting quickly and easily.
Review over 1000 domains per hour easily
Segment your audit into granular and actionable opinions
Grab screenshots for reporting with a single click
One keypress to make decisions
Tag and segment with QWER to organise decisions

Break audits into manageable chunks and share across a team

Opphive automatically breaks larger audit tasks into chunks to allow you to allocate sections to different team members or keep easy track of the workload required to complete the audit.
Create different audits for different tasks and name them to show what work needs to happen
Understand easily what time allocation is required to complete even the largest audit task
Measure workload and bring organisation to messy audit projects

Watch us complete an audit in under 10 minutes

There really is no faster way to understand and audit your links than Opphive.

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