Training and speaking

Increase the skills of your team with workshops, direct training and speaking opportunities
Who would this benefit?
Anyone who works on activity that is designed to attract links, SEO's, Content Marketers, Outreach specialists and Digital PR people.
How we can help
Workshops or one on one training to add a layer of technical understanding of what helps and what doesn't help your organic performance.
Ongoing support
A trusted and experienced point of contact to rely on for any competitive SEO question.

Training & Speaking

Does your team have responsibility for growing the link profile for your brand or the clients you work with?
I will deliver training or workshops to increase their understanding of the technicalities of links as a signal. 

By understanding the history of links as a signal and how Google has adapted and developed how they are used your team will be able to align your marketing activity with improving those signals.

Training can be delivered face to face or over the web, either as workshops or webinars to help your teams understand more and work better.
Some of the many conferences we have spoken at.
  • Kelvin Newman
    Organises #brightonseo a stupidly popular search marketing conference.

    “Paul’s been a regular and respected search marketing speaker for years with good reason, he provides an unvarnished and realistic look at what actually works without getting drawn into the latest buzzwords or fluff”

  • “I like this Kit more and more each day because it makes my life a lot easier.”

    Guy Mccoy, USA
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