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The fastest link audit ever

Link audits take time... so much so that people often avoid doing them. Well you don't have to compromise any longer, you can now use Opphive to do your audit work faster than ever before.

I recorded a quick video where I race through an audit at full pace and using some of the tools within Opphive that make the process shorter and easier.

Some caveats: -

  • If you're doing a forensic link audit and want to deep dive into every link or domain, you can do that too but this is a speed-run style audit.
  • If you just wanted to get through up to 1000 domains an hour visually and get a feel for the profile and its strengths and weaknesses, there isn't a faster way of doing that than Opphive.

The domain I chose for this quick audit has 630 linking domains (when you combine Ahrefs and Majestic) and as you'll see the quality of those domains isn't great.

I chose this domain as its a vacation rental site for one of my favourite places on earth, Mission Beach San Diego.

The video is not sped up in any way and we managed to get a quick view of all the linking domains in under 10 minutes. Great for quick baseline audits and great for prep before a pitch meeting.

We saved so much time, I now have time to go off and dream about being back at Mission Beach 🙂

Credit: Brian
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