Link audit tool

LinkRisk makes understanding links super easy

The only link metric that shows what links are likely to pass value

Easy to understand but based on deep understanding

The LR metric combines over a decade of link data and knowledge across billions of links and millions of human decisions. Mixed in with the data from the largest disavow database outside of Google, LinkRisk is a robust and constantly learning metric.
Segments your links into easy opinions
Built from a deep dataset and experience
More robust than traditional metrics

Utilising an ocean of  data and leveraging cutting edge AI

We combine the data and knowledge of billions of opinions and a huge disavow database with a custom-built propreitary AI-based prediction system. 

Our AI-based technique first utilises natural language processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) methods to extract the most informative features that represent the level of risk of a link. NLP techniques are used to extract features and then using ML methods we extract the signals that predict risk. 

Then, our technique utilises a customised Deep Neural Network, trained on more than 50 million websites, that considers the extracted signals as input to predict the level of risk of any website.  
The first AI based predictive link metric
The only link metric to show if value will be passed
Constantly learning and developing

Make decisions quickly, demonstrate insight without effort

Whether you are in a new business pitch or just aligning client expectations with campaign budgets, LinkRisk provides an easy to understand and visual representation of the health of any profile.
Quickly pull out relevant actionable examples to show clients where work is needed
Compare competing domains easily and separate the signal from the noise.
See whether work is needed without having to wade through data first.

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