Link audit tool

Link audits have never been quicker or easier

Link audits are no longer a task that takes up too much time and resources

One master profile

Combining multiple link data sources is the only way to get a true picture of your link profile. By adding your legacy disavow you can see clearly where your risks and opportunities now are.
Combine multiple link data sources
Add existing legacy disavow
Bring in new links every day

LinkRisk gives instant context

Our LinkRisk metric combines a decade of link data with the latest in artificial intelligence to provide a clear view of the health of any link profile at a glance.
Understand your links at a glance
The only link metric to show value passed
Bring order to your audit work

Visually audit in the browser

The worlds fastest way to audit or review domains at pace, up to 25x faster than any other method.
25x faster than other methods
Audit fast inside the browser
Make decisions and tag your data quickly

Watch us complete an audit in under 10 minutes

There really is no faster way to understand and audit your links than Opphive.

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Show me how visual auditing works

Show me how I can save huge amounts of time and resource using Opphives visual audit tool.
Visual auditor

Tell me more about how the LinkRisk metric works

Learn how our advanced metric can help you make sense of any link profile at a glance.
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