Link audit tool

Creating a pre-wash list

Often agencies or brand teams would tell us that they maintain a list of those domains that they would always trust or always kill.

"Can we not import these into Opphive to cut down any work in Excel afterwards?"

You asked, we listened and the answer is "Yes, yes you can!"

Pre-wash lists

Pre-wash lists are lists of domains where a decision has already been made, regardless of the context. For example, if you see the BBC in your link profile audit, you are likely to approve that link!
Pre-wash lists automate that process to make life quicker and easier.

The way they work is, from the project detail page just click "Upload Pre-wash list"

Then select a CSV with the columns
Domain / Opinion

The correct file format

Your CSV should have the domain name in column A and the opinion (lowercase) in column B

Upload and wait for Opphive to parse it and BINGO! job done.

If the system finds a domain thats in your pre-wash list that is also in your profile it will apply the opinion from the file. If it doesnt find a match it will simply skip by that entry.

This means you can maintain huge lists of domains with opinions and not bloat your profiles by bringing in all those domains, just the opinions that matter.

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