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Opportunity Hive Limited 

9-10 Cross Street 
United Kingdom
For any sales or support questions please contact
Accounts stuff
For finance and invoicing issues please contact
If you're interested in joining the team say hi at

Some quick guidance on how to get the right answer quickly

If in doubt just ping us on or grab us via social media. We are always on and always listening.
Support hours
We work UK office hours with some limitations on Fridays. Our typical working week is: -

Mon-Thursday 9am-5pm
Friday 9am-2pm

Typically we will also answer many questions outside of these times, just sometimes the team member that has the right answer might not be readily available.
Response rate
We will aim to get you an answer within our stated working hours within an hour or so. Typically for quick questions the answer will be instant.
I have a question about pricing or signing up
Ping us a message at and we would be happy to help. If you want you can also go directly to our founder Paul via
I need some support as an existing customer
We aim to be very responsive to any question, no matter how complex. Initially try, if its a billing specific question then please.
I would like to find the right person who buys certain services or does the hiring please?
We prioritise our sales and customer communications over any other question and we do not ever use recruiters. If you need to contact someone specific, you would be best doing your research via Linkedin or our social accounts first.
I have an idea for your roadmap
We LOVE to hear how we can improve or add new features. For these I would go direct to and we can discuss whether we can help and add it to the development plan.
I am interested in applying to work for Opphive
If we are hiring you will normally see a recent blog post about the opening but (unless you're a recruiter) we are always happy to hear from people who would like to work with out team.

Ready to get started?

Sign up today or contact us if you have any further questions about our software and services.
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