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Hi 👋, we are Opphive

We are a link audit tool and platform to understand, protect and improve your link profiles. And we have a huge amount of experience to help brands and agencies manage, grow and improve their link signals.
link audit software and services

Build and protect the best link profile in your niche, easily

Link profile management software and consultancy for brands and agencies to develop stronger, safer and more powerful link profiles.
Link audit software
The easiest and fastest link audit tool in the world, free up resources and make link analysis a breeze.
Visual link audits
Up to 25x faster than any other domain review method, review domains in the browser at pace and as a team.
The LinkRisk metric
Over a decade of experience and data comes together to provide a metric that shows the quality of a link profile at a glance.
Keep on top of your links
Bring new links in and see exactly what has changed and what needs attention or review.
One master profile
Combine multiple link data sources into one master profile and see the real truth.
Disavow management 
Trim down, add to or review legacy disavow files natively within the tool.
Automated analysis
Save a huge amount of time with automated and bulk actions within the software.
Identify opportunities
See the bad and also the good in every profile. Look for gaps and opportunities to grow your links.
Supporting new pitches
Quickly isolate potential concerns and pull out graphs and examples to help new business pitches.

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Making link analysis easy

Understanding and growing your link profile remains a key part of any SEO plan. Opphive makes the task simple, efficient and reliably consistent.

Import multiple link data sources

Build a complete picture of your links by combining different link data provider's data into one master profile.
Upload your existing or legacy disavow files
Understand what links you've already negated through a legacy disavow at Google.
Understand at a glance the health of the profile
Using our innovative LinkRisk score you can see whether a further audit is required.

Simple automation helps you work quickly

Isolate the links that require an audit or create a project to review and potentially reavow the links from your existing legacy disavow file.
Create manageable audit tasks automatically
Automatically split large audit projects into simple manageable slices that can be tackled quickly and easily.
Visually audit your links
Up to 25x faster than ever before directly in the browser, with annotation and tagging included.

Keep on top of your profiles

Enable daily imports to make sure you see new links appear and analyse and update your profiles to stay safe and informed.
Learning how to audit effectively takes minutes.
No complex training is needed, you’re up and running in minutes and getting value straight away.
Training and support
Upskill all your marketing teams with workshops and one on one support.

Want to outsource your link profile management?

Our experienced team has worked on some of the largest brands in the world, providing insight and protection or diagnosing complex technical link-related issues.
Monthly link profile management
Make sure every property is completely understood and optimised at all times.
Hygiene audits
Get your profiles understood and under control.
link building

Grow an even more powerful link profile

Understand your position in the link graph for your niche and how Google understands your brand. Get insight and evidence to help direct where finite marketing budgets should be allocated to make your site dominate.

Or contract us to design and execute the campaigns that allow you to make the best use of one of the most important signals in search.

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Simple pricing, unlimited support

All prices are based on a per-month cost, discounts are available for annual contracts and all packages have a minimum 3-month commitment and then roll on month by month.
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Starter plan


For freelancers, small agencies and SME brands.
Unlimited support
Up to 10 profiles
2M links analysed*
Full access to all of Opphive
3 month committment
Medium plan


For mid-sized agencies or small brand teams.
Unlimited support
Up to 25 profiles
10M links analysed*
Full access to all of Opphive
3 month committment
Large agency or brand


Large agencies or brands with a lot of properties to maintain.
Unlimited support
Up to 40 profiles
25M links analysed*
Full access to all of Opphive
3 month committment

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