Link audits and consultancy

Opphive provides all you ever need to understand, improve and protect any link profile. 
As of November 2021 Opphive is taking over the managed service offering formerly offered by Kerboo
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Link Audits
I am an agency or in house team and I need to understand our link profiles better and improve them.
Link audits
Link profile management
Disavow creation or trimming
Competitive landscape and opportunity audits
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Link growth and consultancy
I am looking to grow and improve our off page signals for maximum organic visibility.
Competitive link analysis
What do your links tell Google you are about?
Campaign suggestion or creation
Problem detection and correction 
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Understand what your links tell Google you are about
Google understands the web and the journeys users are on. Your link profile is one key way that they understand who you are and how you fit with those journeys.
Correct any problems with relevancy or legacy threat
Any site that has been around a while will have legacy problems in their profile, correct these and improve your relevancy.
Plan campaigns that improve how your off page signals help Google
Once you understand how Google sees you, you can work towards improving those signals to improve their trust and your own authority and dominance.

Making the most of your off page signals

The analysis and improvement of your links profile can make a massive difference to how successful your SEO is.
You want to understand where the strengths are in your profile, whilst correcting any issues or threats that have grown over the years. 

By understanding your profile and its position within the link graph you can get a clearer idea of what your links say about you. By understanding what your links are saying to Google you can make better decisions about where to spend your marketing budgets and how to improve your organic performance.

What do your links tell Google you are about?

What problems have built up in your profile that are diluting these signals to Google?

Where should you be concentrating your marketing resources to make the best use of your budgets and improve these signals?

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Common Questions

Link consultancy and audits
What happened to Kerboo?
Kerboo made the decision to retire its SaaS offering in November 2021:
Kerboo was built for the SEO landscape in 2012 and became a very big and complex system to run for the actual needs of 2021 customers.
It was therefore felt that moving to a managed service and consultancy model was a more sustainable option.
How is Opphive different to Kerboo?
Kerboo was a partnership between Co-Founders Dom Hodgson and Paul Madden, with Dom heading up the technology side of the business and Paul leading the professional services and client side of the company. Now that Kerboo is no longer offering the software to clients Dom moves on to growing his other businesses and Paul founded Opphive to continue to offer the consultancy and managed service offerings directly.
Can I still use some software to browse my link profiles with you?
Opphive does not currently offer any self serve options, we are a professional services and consultancy business.
How does the managed service offering work?
You provide us with access to GSC and any existing disavow file that you have and we will create a complete audit report for you with insights and actions for you to take.
Who are opportunity hive
Who are the team behind Opphive?
The team behind Opphive are Paul Madden and Jack Simpson. Paul was formerly the co-founder of Kerboo and Jack ran the managed service offering for Kerboo for many years. Paul is a very well respected voice in the world of links and has been for over a decade, Jack has many years experience of link related issues and has completed countless large scale audit projects for some of the worlds best known brands.
How can I learn more?
If you'd like to learn more about how we can help you with your link profiles or clients then please get in touch and lets have a chat.
Have more questions? Get in touch, lets have a chat.

What else will OppHive do?

Opportunity Hive will be growing out its offering over the coming months to offer a huge number of services and products, we have quite the roadmap.
Step 1
Link audits
We know link audits better than anyone on the planet and we will continue to improve and expand our managed service and link audit offerings
Step 2
Link building
It makes sense that any company who understands link profile audits as well as we do would also be a great partner to help grow your link profile.
Step 3
Content marketing
For those customers who want to take control of their own content marketing efforts and don't have agency support, we can help do that with links and visibility improvements in mind
Tools and systems
For all your digital marketing needs, a set of tools that help make your life easier and save you time and money.

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Helping digital marketers get the most from their efforts and signals. Opphive and its family of companies, Offpage UK & ContentFlower help brands, teams and agencies to improve their online success.